23 Zář / 2018

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Electronic cigarette
Many smokers who do not want to quit but are annoyed by the rising prices of cigarettes the various restrictions at bus stops and restaurants or the health risks presented on each cigarette pack are looking for another alternative to continue their habits without being limited.  That's why there's an electronic cigarette.
Electronic cigarette
A modern electronic cigarette does not resemble its classic equivalent.  It looks more like a luxury ballpoint pen.  The electronic cigarette consists of a battery and a liquid-filled atomizer.  You can choose the amount of nicotine contained in the cartridge according to your needs the flavor to your preference.  The electronic smoker's breath can smell of chocolate or strawberries.
Cheap Smoking
Buying an electronic cigarette may seem expensive but every smoker can easily calculate how many days he will return.  With a strong smoker the return on investment is just one week!

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