15 Úno / 2018

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Sales of automotive glass Prague

Whether the front or rear glass of your domestic or foreign car has experienced a collision with another car animal or flying small items on the road or has not survived the attack of the stealthy thieves Autosklo Praha will put everything in order.
Offer Prague glass

Repair replacement of front rear side glass on passenger and freight cars on buses and working machines is ensured thanks to high-quality service of Prague windshield.  The consequences of insufficient visibility through damaged windscreen can be of a fatal nature.  Autosklo Praha thus not only protects your wallet which can be emptied due to traffic police fines but above all ensures its safe road traffic with its precisely performed work.
Complex character of services

Service work mobile services negotiations with the authorities provide the necessity of replacing and repairing the glass of your motor vehicle by the Prague windshield team.

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