23 Úno / 2018

We invite you to enjoy a pleasant and tasty cool experience

Are you attracted not only in the hot summer?

Even if a modern man professes a healthy lifestyle and tries to adapt his diet to him the occasional taste of something pleasantly sweet cannot be resisted.  Ice cream is a favorite dessert after a good lunch or afternoon coffee.  We are engaged in the production and distribution of quality ice cream mixtures for confectioners and restaurant facilities.
Ice cream lovers what are you waiting for?

We make vanilla chocolate cocoa yoghurt hazelnut and many kinds of fruit flavored ice creams.  A healthy analogue of classic ice cream are fruit sorbets that contain no fats have a reduced sugar content a high content of fruit ingredients and fiber.  The sorbets are not additionally flavored and colored.
Ice cream cakes

Looking for an unusual gift for special occasions such as birthday parties or weddings?  We offer you four kinds of beautifully decorated ice cream cakes.

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