31 Kvě / 2018

There is no one who does not like her

Our best tastes

Are you an ice cream lover and don't let it go?  Can't you imagine a summer without this icy refreshment?  And you haven't tasted Adria Gold ice cream yet!  You guaranteed the best ice cream on the market.  Adria Gold specializes in the production and sale of ice creams a mixture of genuine ice cream smoothies and a host of other refreshing products.
Excellent taste

Adria Gold offers you a large number of ice and refreshing products to choose from both individual and patisserie.  We offer you the powder blends or frozen blends to make the right delicious ice cream for your favorite customers!  Also new is the Acai Ice Cream a vitamin bomb from Brazil that will refresh not only your body but also your mind!


In addition to ice cream and other ice cream products our website also offers a variety of ice cream recipes for Adria Gold ice cream.

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