28 Dub / 2018

Practical platforms

Performing high-rise work with the platform is suitable for several practical and financial reasons.  Working will cost you cheaper than building scaffolding balancing on the roof without securing rappelling from the roof or placing ladders.  You can rent a job with our MP22 where we rent a Nissan Cabstar Z 220 for CZK 650 for each hour without VAT.  Another indisputable advantage of our job offer is its dimensions which are including a 6x3x2 meter vehicle so you can get to it even in less accessible areas.  In addition the control panel is located directly in the basket allowing you to get exactly where you need it.

Our company MP 22 which leases the Nissan Cabstar Z 220 guarantees its customers quality and reliability.  Moreover it is very easy to use so it will only take you a few minutes to learn to work.  The working height is up to 22 meters which makes it suitable for medium-height work.  The side reach of the platform is 12 meters with no jogging.  Visit our website mp22.cz and see for yourself the qualities with your own eyes.

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